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Saturday, November 7

for the last 2 month

i realize that almost 2 month since my last post in this blogger world... then it's ok jer for me because i'm not really blogger people....i mean, real blogger... just want to try out to write fully english this time because i really want to know what is like to be 'her' in her post... how was my english miss z...e, pretty bad i think.. just student same gred as u are in spm..haha.. exam week really suck...sensored word.. finally it's over even does not perform very well in final.. wuawua, just like want to start to cry... just finishing watching talentime, good movie..gonna miss yasmin ahmad movie..urmm.. 5 hours from now, i will be leaving utm for this semester...good bye for now utm.. still no idea what is my to do list at home.. this sunday, manchester united will surely win over chealsea, looking friends to watch together.. OMG, don't know how she did this, i'm out of ideas already...to her, aja2 fighting for your next paper k... 4 one of my friend that just want to start studying, just have fun study, no word for "gud luck" but just study hard and study smart k... gtg people, adios amigos.. tata


  1. i think ur english is ok la dude. if u started to like it..then keep writing in english la. at least i still can understand ur writing! ehehe =P
    anyway..thanks! aja,aja.fighting!!
    ..and..hapy holiday to u.

  2. really my dear....haha... happy holiday, just me, u still struggling with ur exam right

  3. tx....buddy.

    ok wat,wont misconstrue with it...just keep learning,n honour 2 learn from mistake.
    progress it!


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